The Green Ambassador Program is an initiative that allows staff and students to communicate, coordinate and collaborate on student-led sustainability ideas.

The Green Ambassador Program:
  • Encourages everyone interested in sustainability to become involved at their preferred level.
  • Raises environmental awareness within UQ and beyond.
  • Offers resources, networks and events to foster student initiatives on campus.
  • Aims to further the goals of the Sustainability Strategy and improve sustainablity performance using the STARS framework.
  • Is aligned with the United Nations global Sustainable Development Goals

Within the Green Ambassador Program, there are various ways that you can get involved and every degree of participation is encouraged:

  • Environmental Council meetings will focus on different topics. If you have something to contribute to these particular topics, please come prepared with discussion points. You can also sit in on these meetings and observe.
  • Social media and in-person events allow people to connect within the Ambassador program and collaborate on future events and initiatives aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • If you are a staff member, professional or academic within UQ, you can offer your knowledge or services to students who are interested in creating related initiatives.
  • Attending events, following, sharing and liking the Ambassador efforts online, and offering support for the program is appreciated.
The Green Ambassador Environmental Council

The Green Ambassador Environmental Council works to engage the UQ community around sustainablity strategy, sustainability performance, governance and the SDGs. The Council exists to coordinate, collaborate and communicate on sustainability and provides a forum for participation in sustainability intitiatives.

Green Ambassadors Program meetings

To read about the Green Ambassadors Program’s beginnings, read our article here

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This program complements other Green Programs currently being coordinated by the Sustainability Office: