Vegetables and flower plots at Gatton Community Garden

UQ's community gardens provide a space for staff and students to grow their own fresh food alongside other new and experienced gardeners.

The two gardens, located at St Lucia campus and Gatton campus, provide a practical way to develop a stronger connection to the food we eat and the environment we live in. The gardens also promote social interaction across generations, disciplines and cultures through gardening, healthy eating and sharing skills and knowledge.

St Lucia campus

The Community Garden is an accessible, multi-functional outdoor classroom in the heart of the St Lucia campus. It serves as an area where students, staff, and community members can come together to garden, prepare and cook freshly harvested produce, learn and relax outdoors.

The garden can host workshops, activities and provide opportunities for people to volunteer and socialise.

It features eight raised beds, an orchard, an outdoor kitchen and sink to wash the freshly harvested produce, tool shed, compost facilities and a rainwater tank.

The surrounding gardens, BBQ pavilion and outdoor seating provides a welcoming place where the community can gather and relax.

Gatton campus

The Gatton Campus Community Garden supports a thriving community with 38 garden beds, a soil pit and an outdoor seating area. This garden owes its success to its dedicated members, particularly the UQ Plant Science Society.

The outdoor deck provides a space for academics to teach crop production, soil science and disease identification in a practical setting. The garden includes a fenced off area to grow plants that are poisonous to animals to assist veterinary students in identifying these plants.

For more information please contact or join UQ Community Gardens Facebook group.