WoodduckUQ's beautiful grounds attract a wide range of wildlife and we work to support native species with natural habitats which provide natural food sources.

Please don't feed wildlife on campus.

Feeding human food to native animals is the equivalent of giving them junk food and they can become aggressive towards people as they lose their ability to forage for natural foods.

  • Don’t bother or feed native animals, particularly birds. They can become dependent on your food source and lose their capacity to survive without it.
  • Never feed introduced animals such as feral cats. Feeding these animals increases their longevity and population size with devastating impacts on native wildlife.
  • Dispose of rubbish in appropriate bins and don’t litter.
  • Minimise what you put down the drain. Items such as oils and chemicals may start at the kitchen sink but end up in our waterways and oceans.

UQ is commited to fostering and protecting native wildlife on campus and the Biodiversity Management Program ensures that biodiversity is enhanced while pests and weeds are eradicated.