UQ's Telsa Battery at St Lucia campusIn October 2019, UQ installed Queensland’s largest behind-the-meter battery system.

The 1.1MW/2.15MWh Tesla Powerpack system provides multiple services to help UQ manage and reduce energy cost, including arbitrage, peak demand lopping, energy price risk hedging, and frequency control ancillary services (FCAS).

The battery’s real time performance can be seen on the Engineering Precinct Battery Dashboard, which includes a link to download high resolution historical data.

More information about the battery is available in the Q1 2020 Performance Report.

A webinar was held in late May to present the findings of the Q1 2020 Performance Report.

The webinar contains a range of questions and answers about the project and the battery’s performance. Additional information about the battery is available on the Q&A page.

A report looking at the full 2020 calendar year performance of the battery was released in early 2021. 


2020 Performance Report        

Engineering Precinct Battery Real Time Performance Dashboard       Q1 2020 Performance Report       

Q1 2020 Performance Report Webinar       

Q1 2020 Performance Report Webinar Q&A