man ironing on canyon rock formationMake Peace With The Crease: 4 ways to save time and energy

Changing your daily habits can have a significant impact on your energy consumption.  Did you know that you can do less, not more, and reduce your electricity use?

Yes, that’s right – ironing is one chore that you can give away and feel great about it.

1. Think ahead and hang

Taking some extra time by hanging your clothes neatly on coat hangers while damp will save you time, money, energy and frustration in the future.  If you still need to iron the item, it will be a much smoother process than the agony of deep creases resulting from being forgotten in a basket.

Creases often drop out of clothing after some time wearing them thanks to the heat of your body.  Certain items do not need to be washed after every wear, so make sure you hang these things up straightaway, rather than leaving them in a heap on the floor.

2. Iron-free Friday

As part of UQ Sustainability Week, staff were encouraged to put down the iron for Friday. With many offices embracing ‘casual Friday’ dress codes to ease into the weekend, it’s easy to go iron-free for at least one day of the working week, and make Iron-Free Friday a weekly event.

If there are certain items of clothing that must be ironed, it’s more energy-efficient to iron a lot of clothes in the same session, rather than heating the iron up daily to iron one item of clothing. Start with the lightest silk, synthetic and delicate fabrics first on a low temperature, and then change to the hotter settings when you move on to thicker wools, cottons and linens.

3. Change your purchasing habits

Next time you’re in the fitting room, consider not only how the clothing suits you, but the type and thickness of the fabric. Thinner cotton shirts often crease less than thick cotton, and are better suited to Brisbane’s climate. Avoid certain designs that will always demand more ironing – think pleats and structured pieces.

Before buying new clothing, assess the current state of your wardrobe. Cramming more clothes into an overcrowded cupboard is a recipe for disastrously creased clothing. On top of this, the detrimental impacts of the fast fashion industry are coming to light, meaning we should be opting for quality, timeless pieces rather than a new outfit each week.

4. Make peace with the crease

Certain fabrics relax and develop creases as you wear them, and this is part of the look. Make peace with the crease, and channel your energy into changing the world around you for the better, rather than obsessing over your appearance. Challenge your office to embrace Iron-Free Fridays, and make starchy, stiff and energy-intensive office-wear a distant memory!

Still can’t bear to give up the iron?

Reducing your need (or your perceived need) for ironing your clothes is just one way to reduce your energy use. If pressed clothes are something you can’t bear to live without, there are many other ways you can consume less energy and use your time on more worthwhile projects.

Saving your washing for a couple of loads on the weekend, rather than doing several small loads through the week can cut down on water and electricity. Hairdryers and heat styling appliances can consume large amounts of energy, and require precious minutes in the morning. During summer, try out your hair’s natural waves, or leave your hair to air dry on your commute. Use your newfound time in the mornings to walk the dog, make a tasty breakfast, or write your manifesto on solving climate change (or just catch up on sleep).