UQ Students planting saplings on campusGot an idea for a sustainability initiative on campus?

Eager to improve UQ’s environmental performance, education, outreach or community involvement?

Need a grant to get started?

UQ’s Green Fund aids in the success of student and staff led initiatives every year, providing funds for projects that improve UQ’s sustainability performance.

What initiatives are suited for UQ Green Fund?

Before applying for the Green Fund, ask "Are funds necessary to make my idea a success on campus?" 

If funds are essential, then your idea might suit an application and must achieve the following:

  • Concretely improve UQ's environmental performance, education, outreach or community involvement. To determine this, quantitative evaluation methods and success outcomes must be included in your application. 
  • The project and its benefits are available to as much of the UQ community as possible. There are little to no barriers to access for the whole of the UQ student and staff community, including online engagement. 

For these reasons, recurring events, onoing initiatives and high impact applications are ranked higher in the evaluation process than single events or short tem lower impact initiatives.

Application Process:

  1. Applications are accepted 1 July to 30 September every year and will be assessed based on the evaluation criteria below.
  2. To apply, simply fill out the application form. Attach this and supporting documentation in an email to sustainability@uq.edu.au. Dot points are encouraged in the application!
  3. UQ Sustainability will contact you when your application has been received, and if further clarification is needed.
  4. If further clarification is needed, your application evaluation will be updated accordingly.
  5. We will advise from October onwards if an application has been successful and what the next steps are.
  6. All funds must be used by June 30 in the subsequent calendar year from they are granted.
  7. The Sustainability Office will follow up with each successful application on the status of the initiative, to report on social media and within the Annual Report.

Green Fund Application form

Evaluation Criteria

UQ Sustainability evaluates each application based on the quality, completeness and relevance of answers given within the application form.

View the Evaluation Sheet to see the criteria each application is marked against, and how each section is scored.

*Please note that securing a match-funding partnership with a UQ entity is a compulsory part of the application. If you are successful in acquiring a Green Fund grant, the match-funding entity must pay for services and goods related to the project in full, and then invoice the Sustainability Office for half, which the Green Fund provides. If you need clarification on this, please email sustainability@uq.edu.au.

Considering applying for the UQ Green Fund?

To give your application every chance of success, read our Green Fund FAQ.

Still have questions or need help with the application process? Email sustainability@uq.edu.au

UQ Sustainability can also meet with you in person to discuss your project, further explain what types of projects are successful and other University partners you may be able to connect with.