UQ Sustainability Award

Sustainability Award logo with cartoon students, wildlife, recycling and solarThe UQ Sustainability Award recognises student achievements and efforts in the sustainability space, both within UQ and the wider community. This is a program that will allow students to complete volunteering hours and supplementary activities, both on and off campus, while learning and gaining new experiences.

Both undergraduate and postgraduate students (PhD students included) are able to participate in the award, which students receive at the end of the year that their application is submitted.

How the award works

1. Register at greenambassador@pf.uq.edu.au

  • Please provide your name, email, student number, campus & student status (undergraduate or postgraduate)
  • Note there are no academic prerequisites for this award

2. Log 75 volunteering hours throughout UQ and beyond, recording and reflecting on volunteering experiences as you go.

  • At least 10 hours of the 75 hour total of volunteering should be with the Green Ambassador Program (GAP). Engagement hours within GAP can also be counted (this means credit for attendance at events and involvement in activities run by GAP)
  • Less than half the total amount of volunteering hours should be made up of volunteering not linked to UQ. This is to ensure the award stays focused on UQ sustainability.
  • Hours completed as a part of a supplementary activity listed below can be included, but no more than 15 hours per supplementary activity should be counted.

3. Be involved in 3 supplementary activities within the university from the list provided  below. Record all involvement you’ve had as a part of each activity and write a reflection for each. Using the SEAL method (situation, effect, action, and learning)

  • You can also include an activity that isn’t listed as the third activity (subject to approval on grounds of relevance), but at least the first 2 should be from the list provided.

4. Once all hours and supplementary activities are completed, apply for the award by emailing greenambassador@pf.uq.edu.au  Submit proof of your volunteering and supplementary activities.

5. Following approval of volunteering hours and supplementary activities, either submit an essay or complete a speech discussing what you have learned. These will be evaluated by the UQ Sustainability Award judging panel.

6. If you are successful, you will receive the award at the end of the year you submitted your application. Applications must be received before the deadline, which is 30th of September annually, the same as the UQ Employability Award.


How to complete the UQ Sustainability Award: