Hand washing under water efficient tap

UQ’s Water Management Program was implemented almost 2 decades ago, and was devised to ensure the efficient use of water resources across all University sites and campuses, increase the use of alternative water supplies and raise staff and student awareness about the importance of sustainable water management.

Measures include retrofitting kitchens with water-efficient taps and bathrooms with water-efficient toilets, showers and taps to reduce water consumption, installing water-monitoring systems across campuses, incorporating water conservation design and management principles in the University’s Landscape Management Plan, maximising the use of recycled water and undertaking water-efficiency audits.

Water infrastructure, meters and fixtures are continually being audited to ensure optimal water efficiency, including checking leak prevention measures and installation of low flow devices.

UQ’s numerous water-saving initiatives resulted in a 13.3-litre per person decrease in mains water use in 2016.