vegetables in wooden basketFood choices contribute significantly to an individual's personal carbon footprint.  In fact food is the single biggest carbon contributor for the majority of people.

How do your food choices influence your ecological footprint?

Find out how big an impact your food choices have in your own ecological footprint.  Assess your Ecological Footprint online.

Why think about food?

Here are some statistics from the Australian Conservation Foundation's Consumption Atlas on how sustainable our consumption behaviours are:

  • Food is the biggest contributor to personal greenhouse gases (28.2%), well ahead of electricity (12.8%) and transport (9.0%).  Electricity and transport are the biggest contributors to workplace greenhouse gases.
  • Food amounts to over 48% of all items consumed by St Lucia residents
  • Up to 1/3 of food is thrown away
  • Simple, unprocessed foods generally require the least amount to water and energy to produce.  They are also the healthiest!
  • Agriculture occupies 62% of Australia's land mass

Ask yourself these 5 quick questions next time you are purchasing food...

1. Is this food organic and has it been harvested sustainably?
2. Is my food well travelled?
3. Has this food been processed?
4. What sort of package does this food come in?
5. Has this product come from an animal?