UQ WARPit is an online resource sharing tool which allows UQ staff to post unwanted items for donation or claim items for work purposes.

WARPit avoids unnecessary purchases while helping you avoid throwing away functional items that are no longer needed.

If you have an item you no longer require, please advertise it on WARPit. Or, if you are looking for an item, please check WARPit before you buy new!

All items on WARPit are free; however,  the transporting of claimed furniture items may incur removal costs.

Suitable items for reuse through WARPit

WARPit allows for the reuse and recycling of surplus or redundant resources. These could include:
• Furniture
• Unused stationery
• Office supplies/ equipment
• Printer consumables
• Lab equipment.

Please do not advertise items that are broken as they are not suitable for reuse. All donated goods will be for the use of UQ only.

Using WARPit
To use WARPit, press the green ‘register’ button on the UQ WARPit home page.

Once you have obtained approval from your nominated Financial Delegate, you will receive an authorisation email. You are then good to go!

For a step-by-step guide on how to use the portal, please see our WARPit User Guide and WARPit FAQ.

Promoting WARPit in your area
If unwanted within the University (by the expiry date set by the staff member), the item will be offered to charities subscribed to WARPit, or moved to storage within UQ where available.

More Resources

Watch this video for a step-by-step demonstration: YouTube WARPit Guide

Check out the WARPit home page for more information.

WarpIt Poster 1 

WarpIt Poster 2

For questions about how WARPit works at UQ, email sustainability@uq.edu.au