Furniture reuse just became easier

28 January 2020

The UQ secondhand furniture store will close permanently in March 2020. But don’t despair! You can continue to reduce waste and reuse furniture at UQ via WARPit. 

What happens until then?

All items in the store will be uploaded onto the WARPit portal.

The secondhand furniture store will be open every Thursday from 11–12pm until March 2020 for furniture collection only. The store will no longer accept any secondhand items.

What if I have something I want to dispose of now?

Start using WARPit. UQ Sustainability has instruction on how to use WARPit on our website.

If items are not claimed through WARPit, UQ staff must arrange for their disposal. Items can no longer be sent to the secondhand furniture store. So upload items early so they can be claimed quickly and are not left lying around and cluttering up your office or lab.

Where do I get secondhand items from now?

Nothing changes here. Continue to claim items on the WARPit portal and arrange delivery using either the UQ Store delivery service or a removalist company. Delivery instructions are provided within the ‘Claim Confirmation’ email.

Still using something you are not quite ready to part with?

If you are still using an item, you can specify when it will become available for someone else to claim. So, if you know you will have something surplus in the future, add it now and it can be claimed and picked up when it is available. Read about it here.

Have you started a wishlist?

If you create a wishlist on WARPit you will get an email notification when anyone lists the item you are looking for. There is no need to log into WARPit daily — unless you want to! Read how to create a wishlist here.

What exactly is WARPit?

Where have you been? WARPit is an online resource-sharing tool that allows UQ staff to post unwanted items for donation or claim items for work purposes.

WARPit avoids unnecessary purchases while helping to avoid throwing away functional items that are no longer needed. By using the site you are helping to save money, reduce waste and optimise property utilisation.

If you have an item you no longer need, advertise it on WARPit. Or, if you are looking for an item, please check WARPit before you buy new.

All items on WARPit are free; however, transporting claimed furniture items may incur removal costs.