New Year Resolutions

27 January 2020

Do your New Year Resolutions include sustainable changes you can make to reduce your footprint? We are not talking about big things like taking out a loan to install solar panels, but actions like turning your wifi off at night, unplugging your computer, or eating one plant-based meal a week. By slowly integrating small actions into your life, they can become habits that make your living more sustainable. Each month, UQ Sustainability will invesigate one action and its impact.

January: Hydrate responsibly.

February: Keep your cup.

March: Shrink your bin.

April: Switch off at night.

May: Plastic: not so fantastic.

June: Slow your fashion.

July: Caring for country

August: Do you even compost?

September: Be bio-diverse.

October: Green your travel.

November: How sustainable is your food?

December: Reduce your food waste.

We invite you to join in. Post your ideas. Post your results. What are your sustainability wins? What are your sustainability failures? Let’s create some momentum with UQ Sustainability’s ‘A year of action’. Are you in?