Start a new Easter tradition

6 April 2020

This year, Easter is looking very different for all of us. With travelling out, and hanging with friend limited, we are looking for things to occupy our time. Is this year the year to start some new traditions?How about a new tradition for you that is actually very old.

According to some scholars, the art of wax-resist (batik) egg decoration in Slavic cultures probably dates back to the pre-Christian era. The egg was honored as part of Spring festivals, representing the rebirth of the earth and a long winter. With the advent of Christianity, the symbolism of the egg was changed to represent, not nature’s rebirth, but the rebirth or resurrection of Christ.

Time magazine reports that one of the earliest pieces of evidence of dyed eggs in Western history dates back to 1290, when the household of Edward I bought 450 eggs to be coloured or covered in gold leaf to be distributed among the royal entourage for Easter.

Many cultures still dye eggs as part of their Easter celebrations. This DIY website by Heather Dessinger has some great recipes for naturally dying eggs with things you can find around the house. Any they are just beautiful.

Dye eggs pink with beetroot and white vinegar; onion skins and vinegar will give you a beautiful orange; and turmeric and vinegar produces a sunny yellow. Jar of beetroot juice and vinegar and a dyed pink egg

You can find the whole process here.