Help keep our campus wildlife safe

21 Nov 2018

UQ's St Lucia campus is a haven for all sorts of wildlife, from turtles and lizards to possums and ducks. The University's land management plan and Biodiversity Management Program encourage native species to flourish, and this means removing pests and weeds that can compromise natural habits for certain species — one such pest is the fox.

They might look cute, but foxes — which were introduced to Australia in the late nineteenth century — can wreak havoc on native species, particularly medium-sized mammals that live on the ground, birds that nest on the ground and turtles. Since foxes have few natural predators in Australia, they can cause significant damage if they're left to run wild, and have contributed to the decline and extinction of numerous rodent and marsupial species.

To protect our native wildlife, UQ is working with Brisbane City Council to eradicate our unwelcome visitors using humane traps. These efforts will help preserve our campus ecosystem and keep campus safe for all our feathered and furry friends.