Reducing energy use at Gatton campus

2 Apr 2018

UQ's Energy team is rolling out new strategies to reduce energy use at the Gatton campus, a move that will contribute to achieving the ultimate goal of becoming energy neutral.

Over the coming months, UQ's electrical and mechanical engineers will work to achieve the following goals:

  • installing a central energy plant to optimise campus energy consumption
  • installing a tank to be charged with chilled water using excess solar power
  • delivering low-energy cooling from the tank when the sun goes down
  • responding to high-demand energy events by balancing power loads
  • engineering a new high-voltage power installation to stabilise campus power supply
  • shutting down energy-inefficient air-cooled chillers.

This latest initiative cements UQ's position as a leader in the energy research field, and an institution that's switched on to a more sustainable future.