UQ Unwrapped... reducing UQ's plastic footprintUQ Unwrapped is a sustainability initiative to reduce UQ's plastic footprint.

To achieve this, we engage directly with UQ food outlets, events, markets and catering providers, to switch from single-use plastics to better alternatives. We also encourage UQ students, staff and visitors to take up a plastic-free lifestyle.

Our target is single-use, disposable plastic items which represent the most problematic and prolific sources of the litter stream. These items include, coffee cups/lids, takeaway containers, foodware (plastic cutlery, cups plates) plastic straws, plastic bags, single use water bottles, and balloons.

UQ Unwrapped has been adapted from The Boomerang Alliance's Communities Taking Control campaign resources.

How it works

UQ retailers, events, and markets can join the plastic-free movement and we help them work towards eliminating their single-use plastic items and replacing them with identified reusable or compostable alternatives. Those who significantly reduce their plastic use become 'Plastic Free Champions'.

We have developed resources to assist, including a retailer’s guide, information on sourcing alternative products, certificates and display signs, as well as creating a system of promotional benefits to reward achievements. 

​UQ students and staff can commit to the plastic free movement and support UQ retailers that have committed to reducing their plastic use by joining the UQ Unwrapped Facebook group

Member locations — cafes and restaurants

You can easily find our members and 'Plastic Free Champions' here. Champions have significantly reduced their plastic footprint and you can dine plastic free with confidence. Our other members are also working hard to reduce their plastic too — why not offer them your support as they head towards becoming Champions?

Sustainable Events

The Sustainable Events Guide has been developed to help event organisers run their events more sustainably. It features helpful resources for all event types, from small indoor meetings to a large outdoor occasions.

Are you are planning to have food trucks at your event? The mobile vendor guide has been developed to assist both event organiser and mobile food vendors eliminate single use plastic items at UQ events.

Earn recognition for your sustainability efforts by applying for Sustainable Events Certification. If you’ve successfully completed all checklist actions, you’ll be awarded the UQ Unwrapped Sustainable Event Certification logo, which you can proudly display on all promotional items for your event. Further information can be found within the guide.

Member's map

Our UQ Unwrapped members map allows you to click an icon for participating locations.