Draw things, have (many) laughs, learn about GAP, and win the Pictionary prize! 

As a part of our online O-Week events, UQ's Green Ambassador Program (GAP) is hosting an online Pictionary competition. This fun and interactive event will increase your understanding of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, why they’re important, and how everyone can work towards them in their daily lives.

The winner will also receive a Biome voucher!

Everyone is welcome to join!

Hot tip: familiarise yourself with the UN Sustainable Development Goals here.

A zoom link will be sent closer to the date of the event.

If you are interested in becoming a Green Ambassador, join the GAP Community Group on Facebook.

Or get in contact by email greenambassador@pf.uq.edu.au.

Green Ambassador Program

About Sustainability in Welcome Weeks

From providing water refill stations all around campus, to hosting fun & interactive sustainability events through our Green Ambassador Program (GAP), to our new award-winning Warwick Solar Farm, UQ is committed to sustainability. UQ Sustainability is all about promoting and celebrating sustainability on and off campus.

This year in 2021 the UQ Sustainability Office is determined to create more spaces to meaningfully engage with our fantastic UQ community. There is a plethora of incredible efforts, initiatives, events, and facilities dedicated to sustainability at UQ. We want to ensure that the broader UQ community are aware of the fantastic work our 'greenie' staff and students are doing and provide opportunities to support and get involved

We have a number of sustainability themed events as part of this semester's Orientation Week & Connect Week. Make sure you register and don't miss out!

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