The challenge is to get through the day by generating the least waste possible. Swap out single-use packaging for reusable containers and ditch the plastic wrap. Simple enough in theory, but this challenge is much harder than it looks!

Cut down on today’s waste and keep all of the single-use plastic generated in a small container or jar. Opt for reusable containers, cutlery and cups to reduce your impact and form a healthy habit!

Come prepared this Tuesday with a packed lunch and whatever you might need to be able to say no to single-use plastic, like reusable containers, a cup, bag and cutlery. Starting a conversation about plastic waste with vendors has the potential to create a huge impact by influencing how they serve their food and drinks.

Forget your reusable cup? You can still avoid the dreaded plastic-lined takeaway coffee cup! Taking fifteen minutes out of the day to sit and sip a hot beverage at a café opens up some time to practise mindfulness or set a new high score on your favourite game.

If you need to rush to your next meeting or tutorial, grab a coffee in a compostable cup, then dispose of the cup into one of the organics bins on campus. Most packaging at Merlo and Guzman y Gomez is compostable, except for the sugar packets and aluminium foil.

A few plastic fails today do not mean the end of the world. Changing our mindset to refuse single-use plastics, and coming prepared for any situation, will make a huge difference with every day that we go plastic free!



Preview photo by Olena Sergienko on Unsplash