Making waves with new water meters

22 Jan 2018

Irrigation at the UQ OvalDid you know that over the course of an average day at UQ’s St Lucia campus, between 3–4 buckets of water are used every second?

But thanks to P&F’s Automatic Water Meter reading system, or AMR, as little as possible of that water is going to waste.

From a sustainability perspective, the AMR is able to swiftly detect major and minor water leaks, which means that water can be shut off before too much is wasted.

The AMR also analyses water usage to assess potential waste issues—for example, it can identify if grass is being irrigated too much, or how water is used in different areas of the same building.

Each individual meter sends data via radio frequencies to a repeater, which then boosts the signal to a central point that’s securely connected to the University intranet.

At the moment, the AMR is in place across numerous UQ sites, including St Lucia (340 meters), Gatton (85 meters), PACE (34 meters), Long Pocket (33 meters), Herston (13 meters), Indooroopilly Mine (6 meters) and Moreton Bay Research Station (5 meters). Plans are in place to install more meters in locations such as Hervey Bay, Heron Island and Bundaberg in the near future.