Stairwell at UQ's GCI buildingWhether it’s to reduce your carbon footprint, improve your heart health, or save some time, taking the stairs is a great option if you’re able to. Making your commute and work day more active is easy if you opt out of the elevator and take the stairs.

Wish you had more time in your day? Waiting for the elevator can be a massive drag. Taking the stairs is often faster than an elevator during peak times. In this study, participants who took the stairs instead of the elevator saved up to 15 minutes per day! Avoiding the elevator will help those who need it to get to their office or class arrive without delay.

If you want to improve your fitness or get some feel-good endorphins going, get your heart pumping harder by taking the stairs. This can help cut down your chance of heart attack, and maintain healthy bones and muscles. For participants in this study, climbing the stairs provided an energy boost stronger than drinking a can of caffeinated soft drink.

This Thursday, take the stairs and you won’t look back!