Staff seated around table in discussionThe Green Lab and Green Office programs offer training once a semester for new representatives. This is not only an opportunity to educate new reps about how to make their workplaces more sustainable, but offers opportunity for collaboration, brainstorming and networking with like-minded staff.

In Semester 1, eight new Green Office representatives attended training, learning about waste, water, energy and procurement in their workspaces. Stephane Guillou, a Green Office representative, talked about his experience in the program and tips for new reps. These tips included not having “all eggs in one basket”, to “expand outside the office” and “manage your fire”, allowing your passion to thrive with just the right amount of fuel.

In Semester 2, the Green Office training session has a fantastic turnout of eleven attendees. Hosted at the International House, new reps were inspired by Christine McCoy, a representative who has been with the Green Office program since 2013 and has implemented many sustainability initiatives. She recounted her recent events during Sustainability Week, organising a vegan food truck, creating sustainable guidelines for her workplace, and coordinating four kitchenettes’ worth of composting, to name a few. She offered her wisdom to the new reps, and the training facilitated a productive afternoon of discussions on how to best implement sustainable practices. Not only were new reps in attendance, but those who had been in the program previously, and who had undertook initiatives before enrolling in the program, showing their dedication to workplace sustainability.

Semester 2 also saw a Green Labs training session held at the Translational Research Institute (TRI), with an outstanding turnout of 12 attendees. There was discussion of how to best implement behavioural change around water and energy. While a lab setting has its difficulties when applying sustainable practices, there are always ways to decrease the environmental footprint and find manageable solutions.

Throughout the year, individuals wishing to be a part of the Green Labs program can register for one-on-one training with the Sustainability Office. These sessions are packed full of interesting information on how to manage laboratory and clinical waste, chemicals, recycling offered to labs, and sources of energy use, including fume cupboards. For these Green Labs reps, they have the opportunity to talk one-on-one with the demonstrator, get more information pertaining to their particular lab, and take away useful items like stickers and posters to aid workplace sustainability.

If you, or someone you know, are interested in becoming a Green Labs or Green Office rep, keep your eyes peeled for upcoming training in the Staff Development portal. Otherwise, please find our contact details here.