Project Officer Sustainability
Christine McCallum, Project Officer Sustainability

The Green Labs Program has had another rewarding year in 2018 with a number of new update sessions, resources and activities on offer. In its sixth year of operation, the Program has welcomed four new representatives to the team of forty-two, with new representatives in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, the Institute for Molecular Bioscience and UQ Biological Resources.

A new, streamlined online survey has increased numbers of representatives completing an annual survey, which has improved data collection and the ability to provide personalised advice. Several representatives have begun collecting organic waste from their office kitchens as part of the recently expanded composting initiative, diverting waste from landfill and re-directing nutrients back to productive use in gardens.

Representatives’ interest in reducing waste in their workplaces was addressed with both update sessions in 2018 being focused on waste strategies at the University and within the community. An expert in waste policy, Toby Hutcheon of the Boomerang Alliance, ran an insightful seminar which was well-attended by a diverse group of representatives.

Green Labs representatives played an important role in inspiring others to embrace sustainable change in 2018. We thank all our new and long-time representatives for their contributions.

Green Programs Assistant

Green Programs Assistant
Ruby Gannon, Green Programs Assistant

The Green Labs Program is managed by the Green Programs Assistant. This position is held by a UQ student, which gives them the opportunity to gain valuable work experience coordinating the administrative part of the program. The position is currently held by Ruby Gannon, an Urban and Regional Planning student within the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

In her role as the Green Programs Assistant, Ruby has worked alongside Green Labs representatives to organise update sessions, coordinate promotional activities and complete Green Labs surveys. Ruby aims to continue exploring ways to expand the Green Labs Program’s reach and influence, and improve sustainability outcomes by analysing assessment data and recommending specific and practical strategies.