Green Labs representatives are given the opportunity to gauge the environmental performance of their laboratory by surveying a number of components, including waste, water and energy use (see Figure 1).

Throughout 2018, eight assessments were completed by new and existing representatives using a new, streamlined online survey.

Figure 1: Average component ratings for all Green Labs assessments conducted in 2018.

A personalised report was provided to each rep, summarising their performance and providing specific recommendations to help improve their sustainable practices.

Assessment results have remained strong with an average of 77% across all surveyed laboratories in 2018.

The operation of fume cupboards and chemical management are the highest scoring components across both the annual and baseline assessments.

The energy use component obtained the lowest score. This information will be used to inform future Green Labs initiatives and activities.

The Green Labs Program would like to congratulate all Green Labs representatives for their fantastic efforts in completing these baseline assessments and continuing to introduce sustainable practices into their labs.