The UQ Mental Health in Climate Change Transdisciplinary Research Network (UQ MHCC-TRN) was established in 2019 to respond to growing needs of government and industry for an evidence base that support the implementation of intervention, tools, and policies.

The Network specialises in mental health for communities that are impacted by climate change events. Its focus is on research, evidence, and solutions.

Network members include field experts as well as academic experts from various research disciplines who collaborate in research activities and harness transdisciplinary expertise. Headquartered in Queensland, Australia, our membership base is of national and international reach.

Their next webinar is scheduled for 8am Tuesday 30 August and will address the need to support young people to cope with climate anxiety.

Learn more about the UQ Mental Health in Climate Change Transdisciplinary Research Network here.

Graphic of human hand watering flowers in brain.
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