Host a dinner party with a difference! Give your friends a taste of the Live Below the Line challenge by cooking them a meal worth $2 a head and raise awareness and funds to combat extreme poverty!


What is Dine Below the Line?

Dine Below the Line is a campaign run by Oaktree as part of their Live Below the Line campaign. In Australia, $2 (AUD) is equivalent to the extreme poverty line, adjusted to reflect the real cost of items in Australia. That's food, accommodation, transport, medicine... $2 for every single cost. That's the reality for people who live below the extreme poverty line. Aligned most with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 1 & 2, the Live Below the Line Campaign challenges people to feed themselves on $2 for five days.

How can you get involved?

The idea is simple... give your friends a ‘taste’ of the Live Below the Line challenge by cooking them a meal worth $2AUD a head! Invite your guests to contribute to your fundraising page, or encourage them to take the challenge themselves. You could even ask them to donate what they think the meal is worth for a real test of your culinary skills! The campaign aims to combat injustice by doing just what you’ll do around your dinner table: learning about inequality, feeling frustrated, and then sitting up and doing something about it. 

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Top Tips:
  1. Take lots of photos & share them on social media: Seeing your dinner will anyone considering taking the challenge themselves. 

  2. Not sure what to cook? Head to Oaktree's DBL website for a bunch of ideas and helpful resources!

  3. Cook for a big group: The bigger the group, the easier it is to buy ingredients and the more money and awareness you’re likely to raise.  

It’s bigger than just food…

According to Oaktree, at its core, poverty is all about injustice. More than just being hungry, poverty means that millions of young people around the world are denied the opportunity to lead full, meaningful lives because of unjust social, economic and political circumstances. Oaktree believes that is the real issue at the centre of poverty - and it's one that their programs are busy addressing. Through essential leadership and empowerment programs, Oaktree is providing young people across our region with the skills and opportunities they need to tackle systemic issues, break out of poverty cycles and uplift entire communities. To learn more about Oaktree’s work, click here


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