Why should we have fun with sustainability? 

The idea that we should have fun with sustainability might seem obvious to some of us, and abstract or confusing to others. More generally, the idea that we can have fun with sustainability means that there's room to explore what it means to us, and to let curiosity and play help us define it and put it into action.  
More specifically, having fun with sustainability might literally mean brining sustainability into the realm of your hobbies, or trying something new, that has an added 'eco-benefit'.

Outdoor fun 

Spending time outside is a great way to feel more connected to nature, and to break up the time spend indoors while we work, or just live within our homes. Having fun outdoors might look like:

  • Taking a walk around your neighbourhood, and really tuning into the the sights and sounds of nature around you.
    It might be as small as admiring a neighbours flowers in their front yard that you have never noticed, or finding a bench in a nearby park that you drive past every day but never visit. By bringing our awareness to, and immersing ourselves in the little pockets of nature around us, we can strengthen our relationship with, and stewardship for nature. 

  • Plant a garden, or move some of your plants outside.
    Depending on the amount of outdoor space you have, try planting a garden with some of your favourite vegetables, herbs or flowers. Alternatively, if you have less outdoor space at home, like a small patio, try growing plants in pots, or even moving some of your indoor plants outside. In a small way, this will encourage you to spend time outdoors, caring for a small part of the natural world that needs your help to flourish. 
  • Visit an Environment Centre on the weekends. 
    Did you know that Brisbane has three Environmental Centres at Boondall Wetlands, Downfall Creek and Karawatha Forest. The centres offer a range of different opportunities to visitors, including free or low-cost organised activities, such as canoeing, guided walks, bird watching and crafts! 
  • Visit your local Community Garden 
    Brisbane City Council also has an extensive list of community gardens that they support all over Brisbane. You can check out their website to find the one closest to you, and explore their different events and programs.
  • Take time to enjoy nature!
    Research indicates that spending two hours a week in nature is linked to better health and wellbeing. Gardening and spending time outdoors surrounding yourself with greenery and living things gives us the chance to reconnect and relax. Read more about the benefits of gardening and enjoying nature here

Indoor fun

Of course spending time outside is a great way to get in touch with and have fun with sustainability, but what about inside? Here are some things to consider when having sustainable fun.

  • Unplugged activities
    Have you ever experienced a power outage during the day, and realised how many of your daily activities, especially use of wifi, are dependent on electricity? And while it's not something we tend to think about, the internet requires physical data centres that use a LOT of power to run all our uploads and Google searches. According to the Natural Resources Defence Council, data centres in the United States alone were predicted to be consuming 40 billion kilowatt-hours a year by 2020, the equivalent output of 51 large coal power plants!
    With all this in mind, think about what actives you can do that are unplugged, such as reading, or crafting, when you have reached your screen limit for the day. 

  • Nature documentaries 
    While it might be energy intensive, watching documentaries can be a fantastic way to learn more about the Earth, and our place within it. Some documentaries you might check out are: 
    • Our Planet - available on Netflix 
    • Chasing Coral - available on Netflix 
    • Fools and Dreamers: Regenerating a Native Forest
    • A Plastic Ocean - available on Nexflix 
    • The True Cost - available on Netflix 
    • Before the Flood - available on Disney Plus 
  • Sustainability podcasts 
    Podcasts can be a great way to fill time during your commute or throughout the day, while also learning about new. There's a whole world of sustainability related podcasts out there, but some you might consider could be: 




About UQ Sustainability Week 2021

Sustainability Week is an opportunity for the UQ community to celebrate and promote sustainability across UQ's campuses and sites. From August 16-20, a range of activities and events are hosted across all areas of the University, including markets, workshops, crafts and DIY, film screenings, specialist presentations, tree plantings, bird watching and garden tours, solar tours, forums and panel discussions, competitions and challenges to inspire sustainable behaviours.

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Important update: Based on the recent Covid restrictions, this year's Sustainability Week will be entirely online. Those events that cannot be transitioned to an online format will be postponed. Keep an eye on our social media channels, and our website for updates! (last updated Wednesday 25 August).