Grab your walking shoes, bike, GoCard or micro-mobility device and congratulate yourself for using green transport today. If this isn't practical, try to swap part of your journey for green transport, carshare with a friend, or travel in an electric vehicle.

Promoting sustainable transport is a decades old endeavour. Catch public transport, ride your bike, walk to work. We’ve heard it before. Now, studies reveal that a shift away from driving is occurring. But this shift may not be due to the active campaigning for the greening of transport. It may be generational and it may be cultural. Learn more about sustainable transport: a cultural or generational shift

Recently, sustainable transport has taken another shift. Only five years ago, most people’s transport choices were limited to car, bus or train, bicycle or walking. Today, electric bikes and scooters have rocketed up the options list. And they have the potential to solve many of our commuting and environmental challenges. UQ is encouraging the use of micro-mobility devices such as e-scooters and e-bikes through a range of initiatives that support a safe riding environment for all staff, students and visitors on St Lucia Campus. Learn more about micro-mobility initiatives at St Lucia here

Photo by andreas-haimerl from Unsplash

About UQ Sustainability Week 2021

Sustainability Week is an opportunity for the UQ community to celebrate and promote sustainability across UQ's campuses and sites. From August 16-20, a range of activities and events are hosted across all areas of the University, including markets, workshops, crafts and DIY, film screenings, specialist presentations, tree plantings, bird watching and garden tours, solar tours, forums and panel discussions, competitions and challenges to inspire sustainable behaviours.

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Important update: Based on the recent Covid restrictions, this year's Sustainability Week will be entirely online. Those events that cannot be transitioned to an online format will be postponed. Keep an eye on our social media channels, and our website for updates! (last updated Wednesday 25 August).