Electric Vehicle icon cartoonUQ Sustainability has already installed a number of electric vehicle (EV) chargers in time-restricted car spaces across UQ campuses, including several 50 kW Tritium DC chargers (manufactured by former UQ engineering graduates), which can provide around 50 kilometres of driving range for every 10 minutes of charge.  Read more about UQ's EV charging infrastructure

UQ Sustainability is now exploring the feasibility of establishing a workplace electric vehicle charging program. This initiative would involve installing additional EV charging stations at UQ campuses, for the exclusive use of staff.

In doing so, we hope to reduce the barriers to EV ownership, and provide UQ Staff with the opportunity to cost-effectively charge their EVs during work hours using UQ-generated renewable energy. This initiative is also aligned with our broader mission to support the transition towards a zero-emission vehicle fleet.

Your responses to this survey will be used to evaluate potential staff interest in establishing a workplace EV charging program at UQ.

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