Join us for this fantastic workshop on native bees.

Discover how to build your own bee restaurant and a bee hotel in your garden.

Learn about native bees, where they live at UQ and how you can encourage them to come and live at your place.

This workshop is hosted by Dr Tobias Smith.

Meet Dr Tobias Smith:

Tobias is a bee researcher, educator and pollination consultant who works with a great diversity of bee species and pollination systems.

Presently, his research is focussed on stingless bee biology, ecology and evolution, the role of native bees in crop pollination and the development of identification resources for bees.

In addition to working as a researcher and lecturer at The University of Queensland Tobias is the Founder and Director of Bee Aware Brisbane (

Tobias also owns and operates an education business (Bee Aware Kids), which teaches entomology, ecology, and conservation to school students, with a native bee and pollination focus.


Preview image by Wayne M. on Unsplash