Quick sketches, hilarious guesses! Join The Green Ambassador Program online to play a great game of Pictionary.

This fun, interactive event will increase your understanding of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, why they’re important, and how everyone can work towards them in their daily lives.

The winner will also receive a $20 Biome voucher!

Let's finish off a great Sustainability Week by drawing, learning a little, and having a lot of fun.

Read more about the SDGs here: https://sdgs.un.org/goals


How Pictionary (Skribbl.io Platform) works:

Once you choose your avatar, you will go into a virtual room to play Pictionary.

You’ll be given three words to choose from, all relating to specific concepts of the SDGs and sustainability. Choose the one you're most confident you can draw, and get creative!

Other players will take turns guessing your chosen word. Those that can draw a clear picture of the word, and those who guess the correct word quickly, will receive points. At the end, the points are totalled for a winner.

Have a play before the event by visiting https://skribbl.io/

Preview image by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash