In 2018, the Queensland Container Refund Scheme, Containers for Change, was introduced, giving a 10-cent refund for eligible drink containers. There are more than 230 container refund points operating across the state, including the Envirobank Smart Pod located on the St Lucia campus. 

During Sustainability Week, instead of using a refund point bring your drink containers to Campbell place and choose a charity to donate your 10c refund to. 

Featured charities to donate to include:

Empowering people to save our reefs & oceans.  Come and say hi and have a chat to us about what you are doing to help reduce waste, or ask for some tips. Using citizen science to inspire action for our reefs and oceans

The Agile Project 
Aims to save and protect the population of Agile Wallabies.  Volunteers rescue, raise and rehabilitate orphaned joeys. Find out more on web and Facebook

Australia's leading food rescue charity.  Collecting quality surplus food and distributing it to people in need while diverting food waste from landfill. Find out more


Campbell Place precinct, St Lucia campus