PACE quickens for energy reduction

10 Nov 2016

UQ's Pharmacy Australia Centre of Excellence (PACE) has reduced its energy consumption by an impressive 20–25% over the last year thanks to recent energy-efficiency projects:

Optimising laboratory climate control is a large part of why PACE has managed to reduce its consumption by around a quarter. UQ's Energy team hopes to roll out this climate-control initiative to laboratories on other campuses in an effort to further reduce energy consumption; laboratories can have a particularly large environmental impact due to their water and energy use and waste generation.

Additional energy-reduction plans are in the pipeline for PACE in 2017: measures include installing over 200 kW of solar panels and retrofitting lights with LED fittings.

PACE is currently UQ's third-largest site for energy consumption, so these figures represent a significant achievement, and UQ's Energy team is keen to keep up the pace!