Munro Centre goes solar

16 Nov 2016

UQ’s Energy team has brought a little extra sunshine to the Munro Centre, a community childcare facility at the St Lucia campus, by helping it commission a 20.67 kW PV system. The system is capable of producing an estimated 32,000 kWh of electricity for the centre, which equates to approximately 80% of its usage; it also has an estimated payback of just over four years.

The system came to life on Sunday 30 October and generated more than 100 kWh during its first 24 hours. On an average summer’s day, that figure is expected to reach around 120 kWh.

Energy savings aren’t the only sunny side of the story—while the solar panels being installed, the cardboard boxes used to transport them were used to create a play space for the Munro Centre’s young charges. The future’s bright for these kids!