UQ Sustainability has launched a new initiative to tackle household food waste: sustainable cooking workshops. The goal is to educate and engage students in sustainable cooking and teach anti-food waste practices. 

UQ Res (Kev Carmody House) was selected as a location to pilot the idea with a series of three cooking workshops. Each workshop featured three student-friendly recipes and anti-food waste tips & tricks. Students cooked together in groups, followed by enjoying the food together afterwards.  Anti-food waste tips were also discussed throughout the workshops such as on meal planning, smart food shopping, food storage, labeling or food waste recycling. The third workshop also involved a visit to the UQ Community gardens to pick fresh produce.  

Pre- and post-workshop surveys delivered valuable feedback and data for behavior change impact assessments.

While this pilot program was exclusive to UQ Res students, UQ Sustainability hopes to scale this in the future, such as making it available to all UQ students and staff and integrating it within UQ Sustainability Week. 

The program has been developed and managed by Ina Kniprath as part of her internship with the UQ Sustainability office. Being passionate about cooking and avoiding food waste herself, Ina ran the cooking workshops together with volunteers from the Green Ambassador program and the UQ Sustainability Office. 

Are you interested in trying it out yourself? Try one of the fun, cheap and sustainable recipes below, or check out our 6 tips for reducing food waste and saving money!