Are you looking to up your cooking skills? To get inspiration for simple, budget-friendly recipes? Or to learn how to avoid food waste and cook & eat more sustainably? Then this event is for you!

UQ Sustainability is hosting a series of hands-on cooking workshops. As this is a pilot initiative, the workshops are available only to residents of the Kev Carmody House. 

At this event we will explore “root to stem” recipes - meaning using up the whole vegetable with nothing going to waste. You’d be surprised how much more we can actually eat of a vegetable. This method is not only good for our planet but also saves us money!

As an extra bonus we’ll go for a short walk to show you where you can get free, locally grown ingredients just around the Corner from UQ Res.

Join us for free food and cooking fun in the UQ Res kitchen!

Be quick - tickets are limited!

Other workshops include:

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8 Hood Street, St Lucia, 4072, QLD
UQ Res – Kev Carmody House Kitchen

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