This Earth Hour, Australians everywhere are encouraged to sign up to switch off and join a worldwide community of millions supporting stronger action on climate change. 1 in 3 Australians took part in Earth Hour in 2021. Let’s make this year bigger and better. Sign up here to switch off, and #ShapeOurFuture.

    Earth Hour proves that we don’t need technology at every waking hour to keep us entertained. It also proves we can come together for one hour a year, be mindful of the Earth and its resources, and cut back on our consumption.

    Show us how you do your Earth Hour by sharing a photo on social media. Don't forget to tag @uqsustainability using the hashtags #ShapeOurFuture #SwitchOff #EarthHour.

    Why restrict energy conservation to one hour a year?

    Your ecological footprint is based on the resources you consume, and the impact you’re having on the planet. The amount of electricity you use contributes vastly to this footprint. Calculate yours here

    There are many fun and easy ways to cut back on your electricity consumption and reduce your ecological footprint.

    • Spend one night a week with candles doing an activity that doesn’t need any electricity.
    • Switch off appliances at the wall when not in use – don’t leave things on standby.
    • Turn off lights and fans when leaving a room.
    • Use natural ways of regulating the temperature in your home...
      • Keep windows shaded to keep the heat out.
      • Only use aircon when necessary and set to 24 degrees.
      • Consider using fans before turning on the air conditioning.
    • Have a tech-free evening as a detox.
    • Use less energy by making the most of the natural light and the summer breeze.
    • Take advantage of the heat and dry your washing outside on the line.
    • When buying new appliances, consider their Energy Star rating.

    Access our resources here for more information on energy-saving habits.

    You can also check out the organiser's 10 easy switches to #ShapeOurFuture:

    1. Switch to an ethical superannuation
    2. Swap to a planet-friendly mobile plan
    3. Switch to solar power
    4. Plant for pollinators in your garden
    5. Choose carbon offsetting wherever you can (and understand why it works)
    6. Give your old wardrobe new life
    7. Reduce your food waste
    8. Switch to different forms of planet-friendly transportation
    9. Switch to a carbon-neutral or green energy provider
    10. Switch to a reusable coffee cup

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