Who doesn't love a good kahoot?! 

Take a break from studying (we know you want to) and join us via zoom!

Come join the Green Ambassador Program in a round of Sustainable Development Goal trivia during SWOTVAC!

Increase your knowledge of the United Nations SDGs and have fun while doing it! There are also UQU vouchers up for grabs for the winners.

The zoom link will be posted in the Facebook event on the day of the event. 



About Having a sustainable exam period

Maintaining your physical and mental health during busy and stressful periods of life is really important. This exam period, UQ Sustainability has worked alongside UQ Life, UQ Wellness, and UQ Student Services to bring you a range of resources and events targeted towards supporting a sustainable study and exam period.

We believe that whilst caring for the planet, we simultaneously nurture ourselves, supporting the synergetic relationship between the overall health of people and the environment.

Take a short break from your studies, and check out our schedule below!

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