We asked our very own Green Ambassador Program (GAP) Community how they cope during assessment time. Check out their best tips for environmentally friendly study!

  1. Use scrap paper for quick notes and typing everything out on OneNote before condensing. 
    Photo Credit: Avel Chuklanov 
  2. Keeping active on your commute helps encourage brain activity, especially if it's through nature! If you have a big exam coming up, try taking a stroll across the green bridge instead of bussing it in with all the other stressed students.
  3. Make Ecosia your new search engine and plant trees with your searches.
  4. Stay organised and make sure you have plenty of healthy, tasty and sustainable meals and study snacks. Instead of cracking open that packet of chips, make some delicious kale chips instead. We have some easy vegan snack recipes here. You can also use the cooking/baking time as a study break!
  5. Dispose of left over stationery in the Reuse and Recycle Station in Building 21C near the Red Room. You can also use the Banish Recycling And Disposal Program which offers an end-to-end solution for some of those hard-to-recycle household items.
  6. Donate stationery and books that are in good condition to charities.
  7. Use the UQ Textbook Exchange Program or the Second-hand Bookshop to donate and buy used textbooks.
  8. Take a break from your screen by breaking up tasks with a small walk.
  9. Download the Flora App to stay calm and focused and grow trees. Flora is a new way to stay off your phone, clear to-do lists, and build positive, life-changing habits. Whenever you want to make progress toward your goals, grow trees in Flora.

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About Having a sustainable exam period

Maintaining your physical and mental health during busy and stressful periods of life is really important. This exam period, UQ Sustainability has worked alongside UQ Life, UQ Wellness, and UQ Student Services to bring you a range of resources and events targeted towards supporting a sustainable study and exam period.

We believe that whilst caring for the planet, we simultaneously nurture ourselves, supporting the synergetic relationship between the overall health of people and the environment.

Take a short break from your studies, and check out our schedule below!