UQ Sustainability & UQ Life are hosting an exciting photo competition. We want to know where your favourite study spots are. In light of World Environment Day on the 5th of June, why not snap a shot of your favourite outdoor ‘zen zone’ or where you gain inspiration from nature and do all of your critical thinking and problem solving. We have a range of awesome prizes up for grabs!

On campus photos:

Do you have your own secret study nooks on campus? Take and share a photo of the most unique and interesting study spots on campus and enter the draw to win a special winter warmer package including a UQ Hoodie, a reusable coffee cup, and a water bottle from UQ Sustainability. Submit your on-campus photos here! Please make sure you have read the terms and conditions.

Off campus photos:

Join the competition heat by taking and sharing the most unique and interesting study spots wherever you are and go in the running to win a digital pre-paid $50 Mastercard voucher! Submit your off-campus photos here! Please make sure you have read the terms and conditions.


Applications close 3pm Tuesday June 1st so get in quick! Winners will be announced on UQ Life’s social media Wednesday 2nd – keep your eyes peeled!



About Having a Sustainable SWOTVAC

Maintaining your physical and mental health during busy and stressful periods of life is really important. This SWOTVAC, UQ Sustainability has worked alongside UQ Life, UQ Wellness, and Bicycle Queensland to bring you a range of events targeted towards promoting a sustainable study and exam period. With World Environment Day around the corner (June 5th), this SWOTVAC program features the emerging themes of…

  • Sustainability and environmental consciousness
  • Ecosystem Restoration
  • Stress management techniques
  • Mindfulness

We believe that whilst caring for the planet, we simultaneously nurture ourselves, supporting the synergetic relationship between the overall health of people and the environment.

Take a short break from your studies, stretch your legs, and join us online and in-person for a range of events! From a gentle walk around campus to learn about the different facilities, initiatives, sites, and other cool things dedicated to sustainability at UQ, to a mindfulness session, to a Bicycle Maintenance Workshop, to a Webinar, to online resources, we have you covered! Check out our schedule below!

View the full SWOTVAC program here.

Wellness Resources

On top of the exciting events throughout the week, we have also put together a range of resources that may be useful.

UQ Student Services have a range of self-help resources where you can learn strategies to help improve your mental health, personal relationships and physical health. Included in the many resources, is a page dedicated specifically to exam-anxiety.

There are a range of Aps that you can download that assist with managing stress and anxiety, such as ReachOut Breathe, Smiling Mind, and Headspace. Recharge - Move Well, Sleep Well, Be Well is a personalised six-week program that helps improve your general health and wellbeing by focusing on four key areas:

  1. A regular wake and sleep time each day, achieved gradually over six weeks;
  2. An alarm clock that triggers fun activities designed to get you up and out of bed;
  3. Increasing your exposure to daylight early in the day, to help reset your body clock; and
  4. Encouraging you to increase physical activity, especially within two hours of waking up.

Our Green Ambassador Program Community also shared their ideas as to how we can show ourselves, and the planet, some love naturally. Read their DIY: Beautiful sustainable self-care’ article to learn more.

For more information and resources, visit UQ Student Services’ website.