Every year, people around the world turn off their lights and spend Earth Hour together. Many opt for activities by candle or torchlight, playing board and card games, or participate in hobbies that don’t need electricity, like drawing or reading.

Earth Hour proves that we don’t need technology at every waking hour to keep us entertained. It also proves we can come together for one hour a year, be mindful of the Earth and its resources, and cut back on our consumption.

So why don’t we do this more often?

Your ecological footprint is based on the resources you consume, and the impact you’re having on the planet. The amount of electricity you use contributes vastly to this footprint. Calculate yours here

There are many fun and easy ways to cut back on your electricity consumption and reduce your ecological footprint.

  • Spend one night a week with candles and an activity that doesn’t need any electricity.
  • Switch off appliances at the wall when not in use – don’t leave things on standby.
  • Turn off lights and fans when leaving a room.
  • Increase the temperature of your air conditioner and close all windows and doors to trap in the cold air during summer.
  • Have a tech-free evening as a detox.
  • When buying new appliances, consider their Energy Star rating

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