While many of us are working from home, or are at home more often, there are even more opportunities to continue our sustainable office habits in other areas of our lives.

In Semester 1, 2020, all the Green Office representatives at UQ are invited to participate in the Sustainable-at-home Bingo! This competition is designed to help achieve more sustainable habits, and hopefully be introduced to some eco-friendly activities you’d like to make a regular occurrence.

Here are the rules:

  1. Decide if you’d like to participate as a household, or in a virtual team with your coworkers.
  2. Attempt to fill in all the squares – snap a picture when completing the challenge and paste that photo into the corresponding square.
  3. The first three teams to complete all the bingo squares will receive a $30 gift voucher for Biome Eco Stores.
  4. If no teams complete all the squares, winners will be chosen from whoever completes the most.
  5. Extra points will be given to creative solutions and extra activities, which may help you win if there’s a draw! Have fun, stay safe, and live sustainably.