Ever feel like all your efforts to be green go without notice?

Complete the Green Office Bingo to start a new habit and win a prize!

Green Office Bingo

Visit the bush tucker garden

Collect soft plastic to recycle

Pick up 5 pieces of rubbish from campus

Take public transport to work

Recycle something destined for landfill

Talk to a colleague about a sustainability issue

Turn off your computer overnight

Use the Envirobank pod to recycle containers

Bring or buy lunch in a reusable container

Wear something second-hand

Free Space

Take a photo of wildlife on campus

Recycle food waste in a compost bin

Eat a vegan lunch

Drink from a reusable cup

Ride a bike to work

If you complete four adjacent goals – horizontal, vertical or diagonal – you win a prize! Complete the goals by yourself or in a green team with colleagues.

Brainstorm and complete a sustainable action of your choice at UQ in the Free Space.

Details to help complete these goals can be found on the UQ Sustainability website.

Take a photo of each goal achieved and email to GreenOffice@pf.uq.edu.au by Thursday 20 June.