Sustainability Office

Green Office Training

25 March 2022 2:00pm4:00pm

WARPit Competition

1 March 2022 9:00am23 May 2022 5:00pm
Use our WARPit tool to post or claim unwanted items for work purposes and go in the running to win a $100 Biome prize pack!

Green Programs Seminar: The Environmental Impact of Transport

13 October 2021 10:00am11:00am
Learn about how you can travel more sustainably as a staff member or student at UQ!

Microplastics Seminar

12 May 2021 2:00pm3:00pm

7 days of Trash Challenge

19 April 2021 9:00am7 June 2021 5:00pm

Green Office film series challenge

15 August 2020 10:00am22 August 2020 10:00pm

Green Office Bingo

12 June 2019 9:00am20 June 2019 5:00pm

Green Office 5 Days of Plastic

14 May 2018 8:00am18 May 2018 5:00pm